Those higher gas prices are putting a dent in a lot of New Jersey wallets this year. And some may even change vacation and travel plans.

In fact, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokeswoman Tracy Noble said consumers are spending $69 a month more on average right now.

"When you translate that into the course of the entire summer, motorists can expect to spend over $200 more on gas."

"What we do see in New Jersey, specifically, is variations between our different counties. We have motorists in Atlantic County seeing a monthly gas cost of $343 and then up in Mercer County we are seeing prices at $354 per month. So prices do vary."

The table below shows the average monthly cost of gas in each county and the percentage of people's income is spent on filling up. Monthly costs have increased since 2016.

COUNTY Monthly '18 Income % '18 Monthly '16
Atlantic $343.55 7.4 $252.18
Burlington $339.89 5.1 $247.50
Cape May $346.89 7 $252.81
Hunterdon $349.00 3.9 $256.33
Mercer $354.39 5.7 $260.32
Middlesex $351.46 5.2 $252.33
Monmouth $356.35 4.9 $255.21
Ocean $345.12 6.6 $250.10
Somerset $370.51 4.3 $268.59
Sussex $351.28 4.8 $253.02
Warren $345.93 5.7 $252.81

Noble says a recent AAA survey found 1 in 3 would change travel plans if gas hit $3 a gallon.

"Right now in New Jersey, we are seeing about 26 percent of gas stations selling fuel over that $3 per gallon mark.

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