People may wait a lifetime for a transplant, let alone for a kidney. In which case, desperate times call for desperate measures and this idea may have created a spark that can start a fire for those in need.

Robert Leibowitz from North New Jersey has been searching for his perfect match for a kidney transplant for the past three years...

Family and friends have taken to social media such as GoFundMe and even Facebook to search for someone who could help them.

So, Robert decided to take a different approach: In the most populated, marketed and happiest place in the world where people from all over come to experience miracles...Robert found his.

Robert created a t-shirt for his family trip to Disney World in September that said "In need of kidney. O Positive."

Shortly thereafter, an Indiana man name Richie Sully saw a picture on Facebook of Robert wearing the shirt at the park, and felt inclined reach out (read it, you would too.)

He sent a message to Robert saying:  "My name is Richie. I am O positive. I have an extra kidney and you are welcome to it."

Jumping to it, doctors quickly determined that Richie was a perfect match for Robert, and have scheduled surgery for January 18th.

Roberts response:

I can’t even put into words the type of gesture [that] someone would do something like that.


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