By the looks of things, it seems like society is inching closer and closer to something that, at the very least, looks a bit like normalcy with each passing day.

While the coronavirus pandemic is not necessarily in the rear-view mirror, it is a lot better understood and, therefore, easier to deal with. With it seemingly under a bit more control than it was from 2020 through 2021, people are beginning to, once again, live more of a normal life.

People are traveling again. They're gathering for holidays and birthdays. People are finally enjoying themselves again. While all of that is, of course, wonderful for both people's mental health and the state of the economy, that does call into question what everyone's work situation will look like going forward.

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While you may know exactly what your company plans to do about your physical work location after all of this, there seems to be a divide between employees and management regarding the whole work-from-home vs. in office debate. reports that a new survey has determined that while employers want to see people back in the office, most employees would rather work remotely in perpetuity. As a matter of fact, a lot of people surveyed even said that they'd quit their jobs and search for new ones if they were forced back into the office full time.

That seems to be the consensus among people employed in the Garden State. Most people don't see a reason to spend five days a week in the office when they've proved that the job can be done successfully at home for the past two years or more. Not to mention, the commuting costs in 2022 are astronomical. People just do not want to pay all that money in gas, tolls, etc. when they've demonstrated that they can do the job and do it well from home.

So, what are most companies in NJ doing about it? Most are resorting to the hybrid work model. Companies are requiring people to work in the office a few days a week and are allowing remote work for the remaining days. It makes sense, but will companies retain workers if they make them come into the office more often than they're allowed to work from home?

Only time will tell.

You tell us: if you're in a field where working remotely is an option, would you quit your job if you had to go back into the office full-time? Answer us on the Cat Country app! Click the "message us" button to submit your response!


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