Nobody's going to argue the fact that some of NJ's best attributes are the beautiful beaches that are only a hop, skip, and a jump for some residents.

In fact, the beaches here in the Garden State may be Jersey's saving grace when it comes to NJ's reputation. People loveeeee to hate on New Jersey, but they'll always follow it up with "their beaches are nice, though." Typical.

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Still, something changes in you when you experience beaches in other parts of this country. For example, it really did blow my mind to find out that the majority of beaches outside of the Garden State are free for everyone. There's no such thing as "beach tags" anywhere else. Some places have them, but the majority of beaches everywhere else don't. That's just one huge difference you discover when beaching it in other states.

A video shared to TikTok perfectly illustrates how New Jersey moms handle themselves while vacationing on a foreign beach. I'm using the term "foreign" here to mean any beach outside of the Garden State. No beach tags, cheaper food, giant lifeguard stands, and blue water; that's what moms marvel at while planting their rumps in the sand elsewhere.

I dare you not to laugh as you watch this one. You can't not! It's just too funny because it's SO true! If you want to know how it was to vacation with my family in Florida when I was little, well, here's your answer.


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