We've all been hearing about plans for the Wildwoods to ban smoking completely on the beaches over the next few seasons.

Well, that time has officially arrived for Wildwood Crest. As of Monday, June 7th, smoking of any kind is prohibited on all Wildwood Crest beaches. Previously, although you couldn't light up wherever you felt like along that part of the coastline, they still had designated smoking areas which allowed for smokers to keep their feet in the sand.

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Now, all of those designated areas are a thing of the past. If you're in the Crest and you need to go smoke, sounds like you're walking back to your car. The As of Monday, June 7th, smoking of any kind on all Wildwood Crest beaches is prohibited.folks over at Wildwood 365 report that if you're someone who prefers something more along the lines of an herbal refreshment (aka marijuana), don't get the idea into your head that you're in the clear, either. While pot may be on the path to becoming legal here in NJ, the ordinances passed by the borough prohibit the smoking of any marijuana at parks and public places.

Also, regarding any marijuana dispensaries or stores of that nature eventually making their way into the Crest in the near future, it's pretty safe to say that's not going to happen. The commissioners also made it so it's unlawful for any business related to distribution of marijuana to set up shop in Wildwood Crest.

According to Wildwood365.blogspot.com, these ordinances have been coming down the pike for at least the last month since they were approved in the first two weeks of May. However, they couldn't take effect until 20 days after the fact. That's why the rules weren't officially implemented until Monday.

For more information on the new ordinances, click HERE.

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