There's no denying it: New Jersey produce is the tops.

There's just no competing with fruits and veggies from this area. They don't call it the Garden State for nothing. The most popular pieces of produce grown here in New Jersey are probably corn, blueberries, and of course, the legendary Jersey tomato. That's "Jersey Fresh" every time you bite into one of those.

It doesn't matter whether it's a grape tomato, cherry tomato, or Roma tomato. If you live in the Garden State and your taste buds are accustomed to New Jersey produce, then you WILL taste a difference. You can't help but LOVE Jersey tomatoes.

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Today though, we're not here to discuss how delicious Jersey reds are. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this article because I saw something floating around on social media today about a specific vegetable that everybody here in Jersey uses quite frequently, but probably doesn't consume enough of. If I would've knew these facts sooner, let's just say I'd be eating these more than once per day.

I'm actually referring to cucumbers.

As a matter of fact, cucumbers have so many benefits besides just being a healthy food for you. Not only will your health benefit from eating a good bit of cucumbers, but they're useful in so many different ways that I never even knew of before! They're great for your garden, for a quick energy boost, and did you know that you can even use cucumbers in place of WD40? Crazy, right?

I certainly had no idea how useful cucumbers are, so I compiled a list of all the ways you can incorporate them into your life and diet in the hopes that you'll fill your basket up with some of them grown locally in addition to the beloved Jersey tomato.

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Everybody LOVES Jersey tomatoes, right? There's nothing quite like NJ produce! Did you know that cucumbers can be used for SO MUCH MORE than just an additive to your salad? They should be ranked right up there with tomatoes!

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