Cape May County is a beautiful place with so much room for growth.

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So much culture and history flows through the air in New Jersey’s southern most point.

It also holds some of the most visited spots on the Jersey Shore and one of the biggest money makers for the state!

However, Cape May is highly viewed as a tourist spot, which often results in limited resources for our year round families.

Since most businesses close after the popular season, jobs and childcare are often put in jeopardy for low income families without these necessary resources.

For example, residents have mentioned concerns that:

  1. Parents with special needs children are forced to drive hours for simple programs that can easily be set up in Cape May County.
  2. Business and services are overpriced for tourism leaving families struggling to find a way.

In which case, the community is coming together to create a place of sanctuary for these families.

Credit: Jennifer Wolfson via
Credit: Jennifer Wolfson via

The Country Playhouse Non-Profit is solely devoted to children and families of Cape May County who hope to use a wide variety of resources to bring programs and other vital family services to the area.

They plan to encourage businesses to open their doors in order to create jobs and plan to work together with state and county agencies to educate residents with current information.

The change and the help that Country Playhouse Non-Profit could bring, will give the community an opportunity for growth! But they need YOUR help!

If you would like to donate to the cause you can check out their Go-Fund-Me page to help them get started, or simply help spread the word!

Send us YOUR story of good that's going on in your community with a message to our Facebook page!

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