Before, it was "hide ya kids, hide ya wife....". Now, you better hide your grandma, too. People are out here gunning for them when it comes to wire fraud.

These scammers are getting pretty good. That's some sad news for Libby Maurer, an 82-year-old grandmother from Deptford Township, Gloucester County, who thought her grandson needed bail money. According to, Mauer was frauded out of eight thousand dollars as a result of what the internet is calling the 'grandma scam'.

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If you've never heard of it, a quick Google search will show you that it's basically someone posing as someone's grandchild and asking for money so he or she can get out of jail, out of the hospital, or just out of some sort of trouble. Since grannys always have a soft spot for their grandkids, it's easy to see why these awful people would see them as easy targets.

That's exactly what happened to Mauer. Someone called her from unknown number pretending to be her grandson. Unfortunately, she ended up falling for it and forking over the requested $8,000. The scammer got the payment in cash, too, no less. Poor thing!

Now, in hindsight, she told that should've known from the beginning, but it could've happened to anyone. You find it hard to think clearly when you're worried about the well-being of someone you love.

Mauer's footage from her front door camera was able to capture a little bit of what one person allegedly involved in the scheme looks like. Hopefully, all involved will be brought to justice.

Read more about Mauer and the "grandma scam" HERE.


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