Summertime is around the corner! Pretty soon, you won't just be dreaming about all the fun in the sun you'll have in summer 2023, you'll be living it.

Remember how exciting summer was as a kid? Beach days, boardwalk nights, and theme parks were the representation of a Jersey summer done right.

We're lucky here in the Garden State. If you're someone who feels the need for speed or even just a little adventure, there are PLENTY of theme parks to choose from that delight fun-seekers day-in and day-out during the summer months. Of course, there are some beloved thrill spots that cease to exist from childhood. Of those, we have fond memories. We still hold them close to our hearts.

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One such theme park was called "Jungle Habitat" in West Milford, NJ. Sources report that it was a jungle and safari-themed park that was ran by Warner Brothers Entertainment. Reportedly, it was only open for four years before closing up shop for good back in the fall of 1976.

Since it was ran by Warner Brothers, the characters you'd see throughout the park were Bugs Bunny and his entire Looney Toons gang. As you can imagine, kids LOVED it. What they loved even more was the safari trail that allowed them to get up close & personal (from a vehicle) to see over 1000 different animals.

The place shut down only four years after opening, most say, due to scandals like various animals escaping and the infamous lion attack incident. Apparently, while going through the safari, a man rolled down his window and was attacked by lions. Once that hit headlines, the park seemed to go downhill from there.

Find out more about the history of Warner Brothers' "Jungle Habitat" theme park that once called Jersey home HERE.


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