OMG! Joe Kelly just passed out on the Cat Country Morning Show!

Turn on your radio to Cat Country 107.3 right now!

If you missed the Emmy Awards last night, you missed another Jimmy Kimmel "audience assignment." The late-night talk show host was serving as host of the Emmy Awards when he asked viewers to tweet that actor/comedian Tracy Morgan had passed out.

For the record, I, Joe Kelly, did not really pass out this morning. Well, not yet anyway. I'm just carrying through on the joke. You can, too! Take a picture of you passing out doing something today, and post it on facebook, with a similar headline to this story. Make sure you tag me (Cat Country's Joe Kelly) and Cat Country (WPUR Cat Country 107.3)

What? Did you have something better to do on this Monday?

By the way, here's the clip from last night's Emmy Awards.