Every time there's a presidential transfer of power, people want so many questions answered. One question that, perhaps not as significant as others, is still so popular every time we get a new president is "does he have pets?"

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Americans LOVE to hear about the sitting president's animals. That's probably because it makes the American people feel more connected to the leader. It humanizes the leader rather than him just being a face we see on TV that's calling the shots. This fascination with presidential pets has gotten even more serious with the recent creation of a Patreon account for Joe Biden's pooches.

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If you're unfamiliar with the Patreon social media platform, it's basically like Twitter and Instagram, but a subscription service. It's like a Twitter that you have to pay to be a part of. The bonus? The app is known for delivering some pretty awesome content. You'd hope so, right? Especially since you're paying for it....

The soon-to-be first pups of America recently had a Patreon account created for them that is *supposed to* soon feature cute content you can expect from an account dedicated to some funny fur babies. The account bio says it will feature Joe Biden's two dogs Major and Champ, who both will no doubt be getting into some mischief on the White House lawn.

Why asterisk 'supposed to'? The account as of January 20th was charging $24 a month. Is this account legitimate? Unfortunately, there's no way to know for certain at the moment. It's doubtful the Biden administration has anything to do with this account, truth be told. But, if the account does turn out to be legitimate, then we can probably expect some pretty cool content. As of now, however, who knows?

Source: Patreon.com

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