My blood pressure rose at 3:55am this morning as I walked past the guy, who was walking to his car, which was parked in the "Handicapped Parking Spot."

I first noticed the car, without the special plates, without the special tags, parked haphazardly in the spot designated specially for those who need it.

Granted, you can't tell whether someone has physical limitations just by looking at him, but, come on..... it was quite obvious he shouldn't have parked there.

So begins People I Hate - Summer of 2018 Edition.

(Now, I should mention that hate is a big word, and I don't really hate anyone - that you know of, anyway. Face it, though, "People I Don't Like A Lot" doesn't have the same ring to it.)

1. People who wrongly park in Handicapped Parking Spaces.

2. People who litter. Do you do that at home? Why do you do it? Yes, I'm even talking about you and your discarded cigarette. It's 2018, clean up after yourself!

3. People who are rude to servers. They're not your slaves. Treat them with respect. They are husbands, wives, Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. They are not beneath you. Be nice.

4. People who say "I pay your salary"!  The people who say this are usually yelling. You are not paying anyone's salary, you are purchasing a product or service. Get over yourself.

5. People who park in a fire zone. Usually fire zones say "NO PARKING." You know what that means? It means you don't park there. I hope you get a ticket.

6. People who think the world owes them something. Get in line.

7. People who smoke around children. Again, it's 2018. It's bad enough that with everything we know today you're still smoking - but, around kids? Come on!

8. People who sit in the left lane and go slow. I think this one makes the list for the 40th year in a row.....

9. People who don't pull over for ambulances and funerals. Hopefully no one will get in your way when you're headed to a very important destination.


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