As an animal lover, I kind of can't believe what I saw on my drive to work along the Garden State Parkway this morning. 

There were pigs. And they were not alive. DEAD PIGS being hauled on a flatbed trailer going southbound near Galloway Twp. Did YOU see it, too? I, personally, was horrified.


attachment-pigs on the parkway

Look, I know that farm animals and other animals are killed for food. I get that. And, I know I risk being called a hypocrite. I just wasn't prepared to see pigs in that state. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and looking at them being treated so inhumanely after death just triggered me.

All of a sudden how they must have died went flashing through my mind, like how scared they must have been. And, here they were, in the afterlife, just being trucked along in full view of commuters on their way to becoming bacon or whatever.

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On New Jersey hunting license permits, hunters are reportedly discouraged from placing their kills in open view when transporting animals like deer so as to not give hunting a 'bad rep'. I wish that was extended to ALL animals.

What it signaled to me was that there was a very callous person behind the wheel. Someone who didn't care about the dignity of the animals he was transporting or the feelings of anyone who might see them. Like, what if a whole school bus of little kids had passed by that?

I know. I'm being oversensitive and dramatic, but I can't help it. The vision of these dead, uncovered pigs driving alongside me is emblazoned in my mind now.

Can't we do better by these creatures? Food for thought (pardon the pun).

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