You usually only hear about him for #barstoolnation and pizza, but Barstool Sports creator Dave Portnoy has created quite a name for himself among South Jersey pizza makers.

Portnoy has a channel on Youtube and on his own platform that's strictly dedicated to putting different pizzas up against each other to see how they rank. You can either like Dave or hate him depending on which pizza he ranks the highest, but I love the fact that he leaves business politics and families out of it.

For example, when he came down to Wildwood to review Mack's Pizza and Sam's Pizza, I love the fact that he gave an honest review based on his own taste buds rather than letting the crowds that gathered sway his opinions one way or the other. He said Sam's Pizza on the boardwalk was his favorite, in case you were wondering.

That's not what we're highlighting today.

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If you're like me and are genuinely interested in what he has to say about the pizza, then you might also have been like me and missed the part in one of his videos where he accidentally ranked one of Wildwood's most beloved ice cream parlors.

While in Wildwood, Dave was receiving all kinds of messages on all of his socials about Duffer's on Pacific Avenue. As those of us who frequent Wildwood know, you can get anything at Duffer's and it will be delicious. The ice cream is phenomenal. It's worth waiting at least 40 minutes for. That's how long you may have to wait to get a seat during the primetime season.

Guess what? Dave thinks so, too. He had just gotten done reviewing Steak-Em-Up on the North Wildwood boardwalk when he was driving by Duffer's, recognized the name from DMs he'd received telling him to try it out, so he whipped around and did just that.

This video came out a few years ago, so I have NOO IDEA how I missed it, but apparently Dave thinks Duffer's is just as good as the rest of us do. If you didn't catch that part of the video because you don't always watch them through to the end (sorry DP), then here's your chance to check it out below. You can see him talk about Duffer's about 4:45 minutes in.

Source: Youtube

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