In today's day and age, you probably shouldn't be leaving your car unlocked EVER.

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Margate's a pretty safe city, wouldn't you say? Nothing crazy awful happens there all too often, which is only one of the city's charms. However, there have been a few incidents occurring over the last couple of weeks that police need residents to be aware of.

According to a recent Facebook post shared by the Margate Police Department, there have been several cases reported of vehicle theft. Since Margate is relatively a super safe town, it's disheartening to hear about one incident like this, let alone multiple.

Apparently, the incidents did not involve destruction of the vehicles. Therefore, the police have come to the conclusion that the thefts happened due to cars not being locked by their owners. The sad truth is if these cars were parked a couple of streets down in neighboring Atlantic City, it's highly unlikely that they would've been left unlocked.

As a result, while not going into too much details, the police want residents to be aware of what's happening so they can change their habits now rather than later. They're urging people to always lock their vehicles and to take their key FOBs with them. Of course, that doesn't mean your car will never get broken into, but logic would lead one to believe that it's a lot less likely a car would get broken into if it weren't unlocked.
Check out the Facebook post from the Margate Police:

Source: Facebook


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