This will be the first Valentine's Day we've had the coronavirus pandemic to deal with. Last year, we were all blissfully unaware of what would unfold in less than month, confident that the next thing we'd be planning for after Valentine's Day would be our plans for spring break.

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Alas, those plans didn't come to fruition. However, Valentine's Day was celebrated as normal. This year, ehhh.... not so much.

A new survey sponsored by Verizon reveals just how most people plan on celebrating the most romantic day of the year amid the pandemic. So, to venture out to dinner or an excursion or to stay in?

According to the survey, more people plan on celebrating Valentine's Day this year than last year, however, most plan on keeping the plans pretty low-key. Over 19 million people, to be exact. It looks like this Valentine's Day is shaping up to be more about vegging out on the couch in your pajamas and maybe ordering takeout. Ya know... kind of like you've been doing for the last year.

25 million people anticipate a night in with a good movie. Doesn't sound awful unless you're desperate to get out of the house. Honestly, who isn't these days? However, based on Verizon's survey, it sounds like most plan on playing it safe and celebrating the holiday at home. Don't worry, chocolates and flowers still seem to be in the cards.



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