Have you ever noticed the huge, red balls in front of Target? What the heck are they and why are they there?

You've probably seen them and thought they were just decorative, right? They're painted the same color red as the Target logo and storefronts. But, they actually have a very important purpose, according to Family Handyman.

They look like big bouncy balls. I usually see kids sitting on top of them or trying to jump over them. They sit in front of most Target stores, although they're not in front of the Nassau Park Target in the Princeton area.

I never really gave them much thought, but, Target put them there on purpose to protect you. Yup, it's true.

The Red Balls at Target are Called Bollards

Did you know there is a real name for these red balls? I've seen them referred to as spheres in different articles, but, they're actually called bollards.

Mental Floss says bollards are mostly found on the water's edge to give boaters something to tie their boat to. But, in Target's case, they're used to stop vehicles from running right through the front doors...eeek...that's a scary thought. They protect pedestrians too.

Bollards are Made of Concrete

I kind of figured they were made of concrete because if you've ever tried to push one of them (like I have) you can't. They weigh about 2 tons each. Although, there was actually a lawsuit a few years ago when one became loose and rolled into someone's car in a Target parking lot. Wow, that must have been crazy to see.

You Can Buy a Bollard

When I did a Google search for bollards, I discovered you buy one for yourself. Not sure why you would want or need one...maybe you live on a busy street or if you own a restaurant it could protect your outdoor dining area. You can check it out here.

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