We all love being in love. The hormones our brains release when we're in love result in a high that can't be replicated. The best part is that it comes naturally. The hormones fade and the relationship with it. But why?

Relationship experts have come to the conclusion that the main reason people give up on love is because they give up too soon. Multiple sources report that after the honeymoon and settling down phases comes the most difficult phase of love -  the disillusionment stage.

In the disillusionment stage, couples are normally faced with the dooming feeling of routine. Everything is a routine. This is when they start to miss the late night cuddle sessions, the constant flirting, and the obsession that used to come with the though of their partner. This is when most people split up.

The good news is, though, that this phase is, in fact, temporary. With adulthood comes adult responsibilities. The first few stages of love alleviate some of those feelings of stress because of the hormones that are released.

Love is a choice. If you're choosing to be with someone, it's not going to feel like the first month of dating every single day. Maybe, not even every single month or year. Life's hard. Sometimes, people forget to view their partner as a person because they're so used to viewing them as a unit.

If you start to feel like your relationship is cracking - little things start to annoy you, there's constant quarreling over insignificant issues, etc. - take a step back and try to separate yourself from your feelings in an attempt to see the big picture. You and your partner are individuals. Try to see each other as such and step into the other's shoes. Perspective is everything and communication is key.

If you can make it past this stage, then you've made it. This should lead to a deep understanding and appreciation of who each of you has become and what your needs are now. No one stays the same over a period of even a year, let alone four, five, or even ten years into a relationship or marriage. You both need to consistently strive to learn who each other is in order for your relationship to succeed.

Put each other first, remain faithful, keep compassion and communication as your number one priorities, and you'll make it through.

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