Mommy Blogger Nicole of JThreeNMe shared a special reminder for all husbands/dads of the world that's so important to keep in mind, especially during the Valentine's Day hype.

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So often, it's easy to let your relationship go by the wayside. With endless other priorities pulling you in so many different directions, it's normal to forget that your relationship with your spouse is priority one. The love and respect you have for your partner will trickle down the family unit. Remember, little hearts have have big eyes.

The kids can see and even feel the relationship dynamic their parents share, which is why Nicole's message hits home the day before the ultimate celebration of love. She reminds men that they need to love their wives the way they want their daughters' husband to love them one day. Read:

Powerful stuff, right? So, remember guys... treat your wives this Valentine's Day weekend the way you want your daughter to be treated some day.


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