Because we need another reason to love him, right?  Robert Pattinson says that he's a lot like his Twilight character, Edward Cullen, when it comes to love and marriage.  According to, Pattinson says, "I guess I must be because everyone is always telling me that Edward is kind of old-fashioned, but I always see him as fairly normal.  I mean, he just knows what he wants.  He's in love with someone and he just likes the idea of getting married to them.  I guess I kind of agree with that."

Does girlfriend Kristen Stewart agree?  She doesn't ever seem to like anything, but maybe she can see herself marrying Robert?

Not so much.

Kristen has been quoted as saying that she doesn't believe in marriage.

Don't worry Rob, there are millions of young girls ready to swoon should you say so.

The first installment of the last book of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 1 comes out at midnight on November 17th.

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