Principal Jennifer Sinclair of Manchester Elementary School in Nebraska reportedly banned candy canes this year from all her classrooms citing the shape. reports her reason for banning the Christmas candies is due to their religious significance. The 'J' shape stands for Jesus according to Sinclair....

Not only is that historically inaccurate, but the fact that she claimed it WAS is both alarming and disheartening. A quick Google search will show you that its shape has nothing to do with a 'J' and all to do with a shepherd's staff. So, yes, some religion-specific relevance, but not directly though. Therefore, her argument against candy canes is both ignorant and invalid.

The school district placed Sinclair on administrative leave last Thursday while also issuing a statement explaining Sinclair's actions as contradictory to the district's policy regarding acceptable holiday symbols.

Spoiler alert: everything from Christmas trees to bunnies for Easter are indeed acceptable.

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