'Tis the season right?

With the Christmas season upon us, stores have candy canes stocked up. Over the years companies have come up with weird flavors of candy canes which have gone way beyond the traditional peppermint.

Here are 10 weird flavors of candy canes.

  • 1

    Pickle Candy Canes

    A few months ago I saw an article about pickle vodka, well now we have pickle candy canes. How about that...

    Blue Skies via Amazon
  • 2

    Coal Candy Canes

    A new twist on getting coal in your stocking. I'll let you in on a little secret, they're cinnamon flavored. So, technically they're not a weird flavor, but still just weird.

    AA Top Bargains via Amazon
  • 3

    Rotisserie Chicken Candy Canes

    If you run out of your Christmas ham or turkey you can serve this instead! This reminds me of the gum from Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, I just hope you don't turn into a chicken...

    Blue Skies via Amazon
  • 4

    Bacon Candy Canes

    I wish I was shocked by this flavor, but I'm not... There is bacon flavored everything anymore, so why not candy canes?

    GR Products via Amazon
  • 5

    Gravy Candy Canes

    According to the listing on Amazon, "Every time you get suckered into a difficult conversation with an inebriated relative, just suck on the savory goodness of a Gravy Candy Cane and your troubles will melt away." So there's that...

    Knextion Inc. via Amazon
  • 6

    Wasabi Candy Canes

    If you've got that friend or family member that loves spicy foods this is perfect for them! The Amazon listing said, "Peppermint is so last year. And the year before that, and before that…"

    AA Top Bargains via Amazon
  • 7

    Coffee Candy Canes

    Too bad these don't have caffeine in them or they would be perfect in the morning!

    Blue Skies via Amazon
  • 8

    Sriracha Candy Canes

    My inner millennial is screaming right now! Sriracha is the best. I may or may not need these in my life.

    J&D's Foods via Amazon
  • 9

    Krampus Candy Cane

    Like the coal candy canes, Krampus candy canes taste like cinnamon. Also like the coal ones, this is a great gag gift for someone that was on the naughty list this year since Krampus is essentially the anti-Santa.

    Luxura Beauty via Amazon
  • 10

    Cake/Pie Candy Canes

    Apple pie, birthday cake, chocolate chip mint, and red velvet flavored candy canes for the dessert fanatic in your life. I am also fascinated with the shape of these candy canes.

    via Amazon