Jeff Van Drew represents a large swath of South Jersey in the US Congress.

Van Drew has represented New Jersey's 2nd Congressional District in Washington DC since 2019.

So, Jeff Van Drew please tell us: What are YOU doing to not only address these school shootings and mass shootings but what are YOU DOING TO PREVENT IT FROM HAPPENING AGAIN?

I ask this because it was a question brought forth on the United States Senate floor shortly after the Texas school shooting, by Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut:

Our government is great when it comes to talking, rhetoric, and promises, but WHAT ARE THEY DOING? What's being done to stop mass shootings?

Everyone has an idea, a plan, but does anything actually get done?

Jeff Van Drew: What are you doing? Why are you in Congress? Are there more important things to do rather than making sure 1st and 2nd graders aren't gunned down in their classroom?

These mass shootings have been going on year after year and they're not stopping.

Jeff Van Drew: What are you doing?

Please, Congressman, enlighten us! Tell us - your constituents, your people what YOU'RE doing to stop this. We've put you in office to represent the US - it's time to do your job!

Here's where some people are going to get pissed off at me.

Maybe it's time we look at gun control, better gun registration, and longer waiting periods -options that are better than sitting on our hands.


Yes, I know, your rights. The constitution. Blah, Blah, Blah.

You know what? I'd rather have some of my rights impeded if it means those 15 kids in that school are still alive right now. I'd rather sacrifice my rights for their lives.

That's something.

So, Jeff Van Drew: What are you doing?

We want to know, we want to hear it from you. What are you doing to protect our children? YOUR CHILDREN? YOUR PEOPLE?

Now, I need to acknowledge that I am picking on Congressman Van Drew here. It's not really fair of me to single him out. "What are you doing?" is actually a question we should be asking EVERY member of Congress, EVERY Governor, and EVERY elected official.

Wait there's more.

What are WE doing?

If our government can't figure out how to stop this, maybe it's WE THE PEOPLE who should be DOING SOMETHING. We just can't let this keep happening.

Even one life is too precious.

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