It happened. Again. Another school shooting.

Innocent children were gunned down and killed in a place that is supposed to be safe and conducive to learning and growing.

The latest school shooting happened in Texas. As this story is being written, the death toll is up to 21.


We asked our local listeners on Facebook how they're talking to their kids about yet another school shooting. What's that conversation like? What are you saying? What are they saying?

Jenny says:

"This evening I had a conversation with my 10-year-old (4th grade) about the importance of gun safety and not to touch a gun, tell an adult, and also if as he's growing up if he hears anyone talk about shooting anyone he's to tell me or a teacher. How important the school safety practice lockdown drills are and that unfortunately there are people out there who do this type of thing for no reason and how bad it all is. My son tonight just kept asking why someone would do this...? I don't know buddy, it's just so sad. Unfortunately, we have to have these conversations with our children and hope they never have to live through it. My heart goes out to those children and families."
From Jill:
"My son is only in Kindergarten…he doesn’t understand what happened in TX.
They have “emergency drills” in a school, but he still doesn’t understand “why”. These children are so innocent…I’m supportive of the drills…It’s just so sad they have to happen."
"I have a high schooler and we're struggling. There's no way to make it make sense."
"I don't let my child watch the news. I try to protect him from such traumas. I hug him all the time. We pray for peace."
Eileen says what a lot of us are saying:
"I wish I knew what to say. I just hug them."
Shaun's comments:
"My daughter [is] in 4th grade asked why do we guard money and famous people with armed guards, metal detectors, etc, but not schools after the very 1st shooting..."
We'd like to know about the conversation you're having with your kids? If you'd like to share, post in the comments, or email:

SOURCE: Comments via Facebook.

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