With everything going on in the world these days, it's not surprising when you hear people say that they're feeling more hopeless than they've ever felt before.

It's sad, of course, but shocking? Not really. From the pandemic to the multiple conflicts overseas, and now with inflation and gas prices skyrocketing, people are beat. Not only their nerves, but their emotions, too. To say that everybody just needs a break from the negativity is an understatement at this point.

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Still, there's always comfort to be found SOMEWHERE, even if it's in the tiniest form. That's exactly what people are taking from the sight they're seeing on one of the beaches in Wildwood over the last few weeks. A picture made it's way to social media featuring a cross made out of seashells that's facing the sunrise. It's a beautiful shot and truly inspiring.

The photo was taken by a woman named Dorothy McMonagle Kulisek who reportedly took it at sunrise a few weeks ago. After chatting with Dorothy via Facebook Messenger, we've confirmed that this, actually, isn't the first time people have been conjuring seashell messages along South Jersey's beaches. So, she decided she would create one, too.

People were so appreciative of the photo that they began reaching out with messages of gratitude on their own in various Wildwood-based Facebook groups. The picture really is stunning. It's easy to see how and why it's moved so many people.

It's a sign of hope and trust in what's to come during these times that sure are proving to be some trying ones. Dorothy told us that's exactly why she wanted to capture the image: to bring people hope and comfort in such troubling times.

A seashell cross on the beach, and so close to Easter, too? Beautiful! Take a look HERE!

Source: Facebook

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