If you ask someone what takes their breath away, you'd be hard-pressed to not find "the sunrise" on their list.

A video was captured early this morning of the sun rising over Brigantine beach and it is absolutely breathtaking. The Real Brigantine Facebook page shared the video to rave responses.

Check it out:

Sometimes, we take advantage of living at or in close proximity to our beaches. Most people come here to escape their everyday lives, but for us, this place is our everyday lives. Watching this video and admiring its beauty serves as a wake-up call to remind us how lucky we are to have this type of landscape as our backyard.

Watching this video reminds us to take some time to appreciate where we live. We are so incredibly fortunate. So many come down to enjoy this scenery that we sometimes overlook. Let's make a vow to take some time to marvel at what we have right in our backyards.

Source: Facebook

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