Do you ever just see something that completely takes your breath away? Of course. We all have, right? Lately though, with everything going on in the world, it feels like moments like that are very few and far between.

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A video was shared by the Wildwood Boardwalk Facebook page this morning that made me stop and awe at how wonderfully lucky we are to live where we live. It's little things like this, even if it may just be on video, that are the source of hope for so many of us these days. The video captures the sunrise over the ocean as the waves crash over the Wildwood jetty. Honestly, it really is one of the most beautiful moments in nature that I've had the pleasure to experience in a while..... even if it is only on video.

I'm a pretty active person. I love going on outdoor adventures and discovering new local places. I'm outside a lot, so I've seen many beautiful landscapes that South Jersey has to offer. For some reason, this video just hit differently today. Watching it instilled a feeling of gratitude for the life I live and where I live it. I thought to myself since I was so inspired by the sunrise, maybe someone else would think it's beautiful, too. I just HAD to share it.

Here's to hoping all your goals and aspirations get crushed this week!

Source: Facebook


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