The word "several" is not an exaggeration here. reports that over 13 recreational off-roading vehicles including both dirt bikes and ATVs have been recovered from the Greenwood Forest Wildlife Management Area in Barnegat right outside of Lacey Township, Ocean County. That was just in one weekend!

Why is that significant? Because here, too, in South Jersey, we have a bunch of WMAs that are open for public use, but like these ATV and dirt bike owners were made aware of this weekend, that doesn't mean you can do whatever you want when you decide trek out. Especially if you plan on venturing into areas that are clearly marked with signs prohibiting the use of off-roading vehicles.

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Many people, particularly teens and young adults, love to head to all the different abandoned quarries or, as they're more commonly known as, "blue holes" which can be extremely dangerous. If you choose to ignore the warnings and make the trip out to any one of them, you could risk the seizing of your own belongings just like these ATVers from Ocean County.

Navigating public land can be tricky because various portions of it back up to private land. If you choose to swim in a "blue hole", chances are, that's private property. That means it's free game for the authorities to book you for something. Just a word to the wise, be careful out there. Leave the off-roading vehicles at home unless you're absolutely sure it's legal to ride them on the particular Wildlife Management Area or piece of public land you plan on visiting.




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