A once bustling, Mardi Gras-themed hotel-casino in Atlantic City, which is still trying to establish itself as a hotel (minus the casino), has a new idea: apartments.

philly.com reports Bart Blatstein, the owner of Showboat, recently presented an application to CRDA to convert one of its hotel towers into apartments.

Blatstein told philly.com, "One of the things that really intrigued me was the opportunity to create a community. The casinos turned their backs to the side streets. There's hope where I am."

Should CRDA approve the plan around Thanksgiving, the high-rise closest to Pacific Avenue would be converted into one and two bedroom apartments.

The once profitable casino closed its doors on Labor Day weekend in 2014. Blatstein reopened the facility in 2016, but it cannot house a casino due to a deed restriction.

Two years after re-opening, the gaming halls, which were once a sea of slot machines and table games, sit empty, although a few neon signs remain turned on and some signs that used to display the potential winnings of progressive slots now flash "$0.00," years after the last quarters were wagered. The space is now occasionally used for conventions.

Showboat's former casino space - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

A recent walk-through of Showboat on a weeknight featured hallways that weren't exactly overflowing with people -- a stark contrast to how crowded Showboat was back in the day when thousands of people would pass through everyday, whether to test their luck or to catch a show at the former House of Blues, arguably one of the best concert venues in Atlantic City.

Showboat, Atlantic City - Photo: Chris Coleman/Townsquare Media

The Press of Atlantic City reports Blatstein's vision is to turn Showboat into a "walkable community" with co-working spaces, food and beverage, retail and leisure options.

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