A Sicklerville, New Jersey man survived the first elimination on this season's CBS TV series Survivor - but, it was close.

Brandon Donlon is a longtime Survivor fan. He said it's long been his dream to be on the show - since he was 11!

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His dreams came true this summer when he was chosen to be on the show.

Survivor 45 had it's first episode air Wednesday night, and prior to the show Brandon, 26, expressed some reservations:

During the first episode, Brandon wasn't the strongest person in the first competitions, and it was his tribe that had to eliminate a member at tribal council.

Thanks to his struggles in the challenge, there was a definite possibility that Brandon might be going home.

It all changed at the tribal council meeting though, when contestant Hannah announced that she had it and wanted to head home. After some questioning from host Jeff Probst, the rest of the tribe agreed to vote Hannah off, and she was gone.

The vote never got to the "private cast-your-vote-stage." It was decided everyone would abide by Hannah's wishes, and it was over.

So, our South Jersey contestant, Brandon, lives to last at least another week.

Dare I say it? "Let's go Brandon!"
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