Katie Gioia DeVito was vacationing in Wildwood Crest when her husband, Justin lost his wedding ring in the ocean!  With some social media promotion, they were able to recover the ring!

She posted a message on Facebook asking for help from anyone that might be willing...  The ring was found!  And in quick order.

NJ.com reports,

Tracey Blanda posted a picture of the ring at the insistence of her son R.J., who found the ring along with his cousin Patrick, WPVI 6 reported. The ring, ironically, had been lost in the spot where Justin had proposed to Katie.
"So RJ and Patrick believe good outweighs evil and if we post a picture the real owner will find it... share and find the guy who is probably so upset he lost it," Blanda wrote.
Hundreds of shares later, owner and ring were reunited Monday morning, Katie DeVito said.

It's refreshing when you hear a story like this, where social media was used for something good!