It's surprising that people really attempt to get away with certain things in today's world of technology. Honestly, what situation can you really escape scot-free from these days that won't have at least one pair of eyes on it? The answer is NOTHING.

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In today's world of 'Big Brother', it's shocking to know that there really are people out there that will still attempt to commit a crime like theft or robbery in the light of day. But, people do, and that's exactly where this story is headed. We're headed to Burlington County to the town of Maple Shade where a resident actually witnessed a would-be thief try to swipe a package straight off of her porch.

6ABC in Philadelphia reports that luckily, the woman had a Ring doorbell installed which provides direct-to-smart device video of who approaches her residence. She happened to be home at the time of the attempted theft. The resident was identified as Rosa Chaves who had a verbal exchange with the potential-thief AS HE WAS ATTEMPTING TO STEAL her package.

Chaves reportedly spoke to the thief and told him to put the package back. The thief attempted to assume the role of delivery man, but Chaves had been watching him the whole time - she knew EXACTLY what he was trying to do. Let's get real, the man was wearing a full ski mask. How many legit delivery men and women where something that would hide their face?

Luckily for Chaves, the man didn't walk off with the package but ended up leaving it right where it was. Police are trying to discover the man's identity, so they need the public's help. Watch the video below and contact the Maple Shade police if you have any inkling as to who it is.



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