Let me ask you a question. Are you just as tired of Mother Nature's mood swings as I am?

Jersey's been experiencing some WILD weather and temperature changes lately. One day, it'll look and feel as it should here in the Garden State during the middle of winter. The next day? Oh, you know, it's just as sunny and beautiful as an afternoon in late April.

Bottom line: the weather here in New Jersey needs to get its act together. We're all just counting down the days until summer at this point.

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Still, we've got a few months to kill before we can finally get excited for warmth and sunshine. That leads me to my second question. Are you bored yet?

If you're an outdoor enthusiast like me, you're probably itching for spring to get here so you can enjoy your favorite activities. What are we supposed to do to pass the time?

Luckily, you live in South Jersey. That means there are PLENTY of ways to enjoy yourself this winter while patiently waiting for the warm weather ahead.

Whether you enjoy bowling, arcades, or even a trip to the aquarium, the South Jersey region has you covered. You may have to take a bit of a drive, but the fun you'll have will make it all worth it.

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