News broke earlier this week that Atlantic City will be getting a new Arena Football team! Needless to say, South Jersey's pretty excited.

Once the news broke, the next question naturally was about the team name. What will they call themselves?? Well, South Jersey, you voted on Cat's Facebook page. There are some pretty hilarious suggestions.

Check them out:

Some notable mentions are the AC Corruption, The AC Gamblers, and the AC Pimps. Hilarious, but these suggestions probably won't make the cut.

Other cool suggestions include the AC City Slickers, The AC Aces, The AC Storm Surge, and the Atlantic City Tidal Waves.

Whatever they decide to name the team, it's awesome that we'll have a summer sport at the shore to obsess over during those months. I'm excited to attend some games!

If you have more ideas, make sure to comment them in the post above.

Source: Facebook


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