Cable or streaming?

It's a question some may never thought would come.... if they've lived under rocks for the last ten years. With the boom of streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime, and Disney Plus, for many, cable has been rendered basically useless.

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With all these streaming services providing all the programming you could want, some, particularly millennials and younger, have forgone ever even getting cable altogether. It seems the majority still have both cable and a few of the streaming services available, but with Hulu providing a plethora of shows that call cable networks home fairly soon after they air and deals like what Disney Plus was offering a few months back, pairing their service with ESPN, cable seems to be less and less of a necessity.

One reason so many still have a cable provider can be contributed to their ability to bundle their cable and internet packages at a reasonable price. Internet is expensive by itself, so when cable companies throw in some sort of cable package for only $20-$30 more than you'd pay for internet alone, it seems only logical to keep the cord in tact.

Also, many people still have cable because the streaming services they're using aren't actually theirs. A new study posted by Variety magazine reveals that 11 million people in the United States illegally used streaming services last year. This means that people are logging into Netflix, Hulu, etc. under accounts that are not their own.

So, we decided to ask you. Are you still subscribing to a cable service or have your cut the cord completely? Answer below!


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