Here's a good question for you. How much television are you and your family watching these days?

An even better question is this: are the shows and movies that you're watching primarily on cable television channels, or are you streaming all of your content? If you answered with the latter option, then you'd be in the majority of what the folks are saying in Egg Harbor Township.

Someone recently asked in an Egg Harbor Township-based Facebook group what other options there are for cable television packages within the Egg Harbor Township area. Apparently, this person is not particularly pleased with their current cable provider. What may come as a surprise to a lot of people is that most commenters say they've ditched cable altogether and now stream all of their favorite content via their favorite streaming service platforms.

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Many people say they're extremely pleased with the Youtube TV streaming service while others are recommending Roku and Apple Firesticks as the best way to go. Regardless of what streaming services people are partial to, it appears that nobody who has ditched cable is unhappy with having to stream their desired content.

It's a different world we live in these days. Is cable television becoming obsolete? If this particular thread has any bit of truth to it, it seems to be an affirmative confirmation to that question in the Egg Harbor Township area. More and more people are cutting the cord with each passing day, and now with the option to stream games from your favorite sports teams, it's likely we'll see this trend continue here in South Jersey.

Check out what people are saying about ditching cable in EHT here.

Source: Facebook

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