Let's face it, you've been plopped in front of the TV for a lot longer than you'd prefer to own up to.

Don't worry, we're all in that boat. That's not even to say that our days aren't super busy even with all this time at home, but since EVERYONE is at home and extracurricular activities are cancelled until further notice, the TV is used a lot more frequently than it was prior to quarantine.

Comcast proved that assumption to be true with their survey that showed quarantine being responsible for an average increase of 9 hours of TV per day in American households. That brings the average total number of hours spent in front of the TV per week to 66. YIKES. That's A LOT of couch time.

Since bedtime is basically extinct these days, people staying up late to watch TV has also increased by 40%. People are accessing streaming services 35% more than they were pre-coronavirus. But, which streaming site has the best content? Surely, people must be spending the most time on whichever one they like best, right?

So, we thought it was only fair that you had a chance to share your preference:

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