The weather in South Jersey leaves much to be desired this week, like somewhere warm to visit. Spring break.... we're ready for ya!

To be frank, here in South Jersey, we're SO SICK of the snow! At this point, it seems like every single person is counting down the days until the temperature hits 70+. So, since we're all sharing the same sentiment of late, we asked a very important question.

Turns out, most South Jersey residents would much rather be in Disney right now. Can't say we disagree. At least it's in the 70s there! Honestly though, warm weather, smiles from ear to ear, delicious food, fun rides, and your favorite characters? Sounds ten times better then shivering our bums off here, right?! It is the happiest place on earth, after all.

We, as in South Jersey, say this in complete solidarity with each other: Summer, PLEASE COME QUICKLY! We need cold beers, bikinis, and our beaches STAT.

Source: Facebook, Giphy

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