You can't turn on the TV this time of year without seeing at least five Christmas movies on simultaneously.

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If you're anything like me and absolutely LOVE getting into and maintaining some pretty wild Christmas spirit during the holiday season, then you'll probably agree with me when I say "bring them on!" I'm not sure there's a Christmas movie in existence that I despise. I have my favorites, of course, but to say that I hate one or the other is a pretty strong word.

Apparently, I'm riding solo with that sentiment. We posed a question for you on the Cat Country Facebook page to see if there's one or more Christmas movies in particular that don't hold much favor with South Jersey residents. The answer to that question is yes; three, in fact.

The third most hated Christmas movie based on the answers submitted to our question so far is the old classic 'It's A Wonderful Life'. The story about how George Bailey with the help of his angel-friend Clarence rediscovers the meaning of life, family, and Christmas. Of course, Clarence gets his wings in the process. Now, to be honest, I was shocked to hear of Jersey's distaste for such a classic Christmas film. This one is almost a staple now for this time of year. Maybe not every family watches it, but if I were to hear that it wasn't going to be broadcasted on TV, I'd be shocked.

The second most-hated Christmas movie is 'Elf'. Yep, as in Buddy the Elf.

How can you hate Buddy?? I just don't understand it. The tradition in my family kicks off on Thanksgiving night when we all get our jammies on and have our annual 'Elf' screening to kick off the official start of the holiday season. What is it about that film that fills people with such disdain for it? Maybe it's not your favorite comedic style, but I, for one, will be keeping up my 'Elf'-watching tradition every year.

The number one most hated Christmas movie as voted by you is 'A Christmas Story'. That leg lamp scene can't be beat in my mind. It cracks me up every year because Ralphie's father reminds me so much of my grandfather. Also, when Ralphie comes down the stairs in those bunny pajamas, you can't help but chuckle while also pitying the poor kid simultaneously. While I get a good chuckle out of this film, I apparently stand in the minority of South Jersey residents' opinions.

'A Christmas Story' won the title of most-hated Christmas movie by a landslide, but was there one that you hate more that hasn't been mentioned yet? Submit yours below!

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