Happy National Dog Day!

For dog owners, isn't every day National Dog Day? It is in my house. My Mia girl is the queen and the rest of us our her peasants. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love being a fur mom.

Who doesn't love oversharing everything about their pup? It should be considered an Olympic sport at this point into the 21st century. So, in observation of that, we decided to ask you to share with us some of the best photos you can find of your fur babies so we can smile, too!

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This year, though, we also asked for any pictures of your pups that have gone over the rainbow bridge. We all know how much of a hold they have on us even after they're gone. Losing a dog is like losing a family member. The sting will always be there. The ones that have passed on were a huge part of a portion of your life, so we wanted to see them, too.

If you haven't yet had the chance to share your pup with us, no worries! You can either share your pics on our Facebook post below OR submit them on our free mobile app. It has to be said, by the looks of it, South Jersey's home to some pretty adorable doggos.

Make sure you hug your fur babies a little tighter this week. If you're a dog lover like me, then you know just how precious their on Earth really is. Submit your photos below!

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