We're all looking forward to the Thanksgiving feast, but let's be real... dessert is the cherry on top of a fantastic meal (and day).

Instead of choosing your traditional favorites like pumpkin pie, chocolate brownies, etc., try this instead....

Before you form a mob and start reaching for the tar and feathers, think about this for second. Now, I know it goes against every Thanksgiving tradition out there, but not only is this delicious and super appropriate for South Jersey, but it's a no-bake dessert. That translates to less time in the kitchen. You can get behind that, right?

Say you don't want to give up all of your favorite Thanksgiving sweets. No problem! Let me repeat: NO-BAKE! What an awesome addition to the dessert buffet, am I right?

Truth be told, you probably have cannolis as a dessert option anyway. Why not swap them for the pie? Win-win.

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