Back-to-school season is upon us, which means our search engines are filled with anything and everything even remotely school-related.

If you've been glued to the internet for the last few days in preparation for the 2018-2019 school year, you may have stumbled across this article from Apparently, if you're teaching in a select number of South Jersey school districts, you might be rolling in some serious dough. Who knew it was even possible to make this much as an educator in this state? Surprised? It wouldn't be a shock if you were.

One thing's for sure, teachers, you deserve every penny. We leave children in your care, depending on you for the majority of the year to make them into intelligent human beings, knowing that our child has for sure been one of the reasons for your 3rd glass of wine on any given night. Seriously, we should be throwing money in your direction. So, thank you.

If curiosity's gotten the best of you, take a look at the five top-earning school districts in South Jersey...


  • 1

    Galloway Township Public Schools

  • 2

    Ventnor City School District

    With the median salary coming in at $87,950, it's safe to say Ventnor is a solid choice for employment if you're a teacher on the job hunt.

  • 3

    Ocean City School District

    At $89,898, it's no surprise that Ocean City is a highly sought-after area of employment for a lot of South Jersey teachers.

  • 4

    Brigantine Public Schools

    Brigantine teachers are pulling in over $90k per year! The median salary of teachers at Brigantine public schools is $91,899!

  • 5

    Atlantic City School District

    Last but not least, if you'd work in AC, you could be in line to make almost $100k! To be precise, the median salary is $96,488!

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