We certainly appreciate teachers. Great teachers unlock our minds, our energies, and our imaginations. What we realized during the pandemic is just how resourceful teachers have had to be to make a difference in each child's life.

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Wawa is also doing its part in showing its appreciation of hard-working teachers by announcing their Cheers the Classrooms all during the month of September.

The convenience retailer giant will be giving any size free cups of their delicious coffee or fountain beverage to teachers and school administrators every day for the entire month of September at all Wawa stores in New Jersey and all locations in Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, and Washinton DC.

Wawa wants to show their support and recognize teachers and school administrators who educate, guide, and inspire children across our region. All 940 Wawa stores will also visit a selected school of their choice with 50 free Sizzli coupons, 2 boxes of coffee, and heart-shaped apple-filled donuts!

Wawa has also made a $25,000 fund to support schools. Teachers can submit funding requests for school supplies and support. The Wawa Community Care Truck will also visit select schools selected to receive funding with checks and freshly brewed coffee!

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