Rowan University in Glassboro is under fire after an article was published discussing the recent ban of their women's cross country team's ability to practice on their own track.

TheOdysseyOnline published an article that stated Rowan has made the decision to not only push the women from their own track to Glassboro High School's, but to potentially prohibit the women from wearing sports bras to train due to the "distraction" they've been causing Rowan's football team since their track is right next to the football field.

Rowan's president, Ali Houshmand, has since released a statement on their Facebook page addressing the article. Read below.

via the Rowan University Facebook

While he did clear a few things up, he failed to mention however whether or not the women will be permitted to resume their normal training schedule on their own track.

That's the real issue here. The women are being forced from their familiar practice track to appease a male sports team. It's 2018. Think about what that means for second.

Read the full article HERE and visit the Rowan University Facebook page to submit your questions and concerns.

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