It's the day the kids have waited for since the day after Halloween....

Easter is finally here! There's only one thing on the kids' minds, and of course, that's candy. There's a spectrum of the least to the most anticipated candy in the Easter basket on Sunday morning.

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The ones that are the most obvious aren't too much of a surprise. According to a survey taken by, kids are most excited to receive candy like Kinder Joys, Sour Patch Bunnies, and the Reeses Cup Egg. Coming in at Easter's number one best candy are actually the Cadbury Mini Eggs. Hard to believe they beat out the good ole' Chocolate Bunnies, huh?

That brings us to the other side of the spectrum, the worst candy to receive in your Easter basket.

Shockingly enough, the chocolate bunnies ended up on the list of worst Easter candy. The bunnies are joined by the likes of jelly beans, the weird cotton candy bunny tail things, the Twix eggs, and chocolate crosses. revealed that the absolute WORST Easter Candy ranked in the survey was the counter-part to the BEST candy. The worst Easter candy? The Cadbury Creme Egg !

So, the best and worst candy to receive from the Easter bunny both come from Cadbury. Those results were, to say the least, interesting to us. So we decided to see what South Jersey thought.

We asked you, the South Jersey residents, what your least favorite Easter candy is. Like we suspected, your answer differs from the survey.

South Jersey's LEAST favorite Easter candy is........

No shock there. Peeps are def not high up on anyone's list of desirable candy. In fact, on the list of worst Easter candy, it directly follows the Cadbury Creme Egg  putting it at number 2 on the list.

Didn't get to weigh in? No problem! Tell us your least favorite Easter candy below.


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