Could you even imagine the July 4th holiday without an outdoor barbecue of some sort?

Well, COVID-19 almost made that our reality this year. However, thanks to the majority of the population not acting like Governor Murphy's favorite word, knuckleheads, the state has managed to maintain the freedom of having outdoor gatherings with proper social distancing measures in place.

This means the Independence Day fun is free to commence and we can all start planning our holiday the way it should be celebrated: all food must be grilled! YUM.

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Imagine eating Chinese food or something on July 4th; it's just not right. So, the menu for most South Jerseyans will consist of burgers, dogs, ribs, chicken, etc. Of course, the main dish isn't the only food item that will land on your plate that day. The sides are the best part! Some people HAVE to have corn on the cobb. Others need both potato and pasta salads as side options. So, with that being said, we decided to see which side dish South Jersey loves the most.

We posed this question to Facebook:

As it turns out, the most common answer was POTATO SALAD!

Most of South Jersey can't have a successful cookout without potato salad serving as the main course's wingman. Enjoy your holiday cookout!

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