Here is a little helpful PSA for Facebook users out there.

I see a lot of people that comment on articles that annoy them or, in their words, they do not care about.

Guess what?

You are digging your own Facebook news feed grave.

Yup, the more you comment on things that you "don't care about" the more you will see it.

It's like those finger catchers, the more you pull the tighter it gets.

The internet sees what you do, everything you do. What websites you click, what you Google, what you click "like" on, and what you comment on. It takes all of that valuable information and formulates a personalized online experience. This is why if you go on one skateboard website only once, for less than a minute you are then inundated with skateboard ads from all different brands. The internet *thinks* it knows you.

How does this translate to Facebook and the never ending Kardashian posts you complain about in the comments?

Well, the sheer fact you took the time out of your day to alert the world that you don't care and yell at the magazine page to stop posting about the Kardashians makes Facebook think you like the Kardashians.

Remember that Facebook grave I said you were digging?

What can you do from being updated every time Justin Bieber sneezes?


Or better yet on the top left of every post on Facebook there is a small grey arrow pointing down. Click it! Then click "hide post." The fine print under "hide post" says "see fewer posts like this." Facebook and the internet will learn you don't like Justin Bieber or Kylie Jenner and you won't see as many posts about them.

You're welcome.

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