Stop praying for the little kid who shot himself in the heart with a nail gun.

I just want to write every time I see someone sharing the "Prayers for the Kid" post: "Why does a 22-month-old have access to a nail gun???"

Here's the deal: there is no such kid. Not now, not back in 2010.

I've noticed this week that a lot people have posted on Facebook the same prayer request........  When this happens, a lot of people respond that they are "praying." Stop it!!!  It's bullsh**! reports that the story has circulated on Facebook since the summer of 2010, and every now and then it gets revived.  The child and his parents have been given different names, but the story is basically the same: "Prayers are needed for a 22-month-old who accidentally shot himself in the chest with a nail gun."

According to Snopes, people did some checking and no one could really confirm that anything like this every happened to a 22-month-old.

Everyone shares it and offers prayers but no one dares to ask, "WHO LEAVES A LOADED NAIL GUN LAYING AROUND THE HOUSE????"

Come on people, wake up and stop re-posting crap! (But, go ahead and re-post and share this....)

"But it went to his heart! Poor kid!"

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