Have you walked the boards yet this year?

People may feel comfortable taking a stroll up and down the boardwalks this summer, but according to a recent survey, the majority of people won't be putting their family on the rides. In fact, MorningConsult.com reports that 78% of people overall do not have any interest in venturing to any type of amusement park this year.

While the survey did show that enforcing several safety mandates did seem to make people more open to going, it didn't completely sway them back into the amusement park's favor. So much is still unknown about how exactly (and who, for that matter) COVID-19 is transmitted that nobody wants to take a chance.

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Capping park attendance, mandatory masks, and sanitization stations were a few of the measures that peaked parents' interests in possibly returning to the parks, however, the overwhelming majority still said it's not enough given the circumstances. So, we decided to pose the question to you.

Since the boardwalk is a South Jersey summer staple, how do you feel about letting your kids get on the rides this year? Feel free to click to comment your answer below.




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