Stop it with your "It's a long way off!"

Let a boy dream, OK?

I love summer. I love the warmth, I love the sunshine. I like to be outside without a jacket. I like to wear shorts.

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I hate winter. I hate snow. I hate cold. I even hate people who like summer!. (Well, not really hate....)

As I'm sitting inside staring out at the cold, I'm come up with 10 things I can't wait to do when it gets warm.

1. Walk in the surf barefooted. It's kind of a ritual for me in summer. Find a beach and walk along the edge, slightly splashing in the water.

(I'm not really a "swim in the ocean kind of guy - mainly because I scream like a girl when my foot steps on something that I can't easily identify....)

2. Walk on the boardwalk. Atlantic City, Ocean City, Wildwood - any boardwalk. The feeling, the sounds, the smells, the happy people!

3. Hit the golf course! There's nothing like being on a beautiful piece of land chasing around a little white ball. (and maybe enjoying a nice cold adult beverage along the way.)

4. Hang out at a beach bar on the Atlantic City Beach. The sun, the sand, the smell of the water - and yes, happy people!

5. Eat lunch at the Sweetwater Riverdeck. A day out in the sun eating some great food drinking one of their pail-type cocktails. Yes, please.

6. Eat lunch at the 2 Mile Landing Restaurant in Wildwood Crest. (Yes, I'm working on a theme here!)

7. Eat lunch at Crabby Jacks in Somers Point. Also a fun place to relax!

8. Enjoy the concerts on the beach in Wildwood and Atlantic City. Two great country music festivals to choose from this summer. Why choose? Both sounds like a plan.

9. Get caught up in an hours long traffic jam on the Parkway Saturday Morning. OK, I'm kidding - I don't love everything about summer....

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